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Tumi Chucua


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Tim, Dan, and Steve G. The snake is a seven foot bushmaster

Tim, Dan, and Steve G

(LTR) Janet K, Priscilla, Patty K., Alice O, Nancy R, Marilyn R, Laurel, Susan W and Ruth O

(LTR) Ruth K., Rachel R, Suzanne A, Miss Lil, Dan D, Nancy R, Marilyn, Wesley Sh, Steve G

Moving furniture

photo by Dan S (nice resolution for "wallpaper")

photo by Steve K, CP1020 landing at Tumi, 1978 (nice resolution for "wallpaper")

photo by Steve K, CP1020 starting engines at Tumi, 1978 (nice resolution for "wallpaper")

July 2000

April 1965

April 1965


From David R

July 2000

July 2000

July 2000

July 2000 (nice resolution for "wallpaper")


Kaetterhenry photos

summer 1978
(nice resolution for "wallpaper")

Infamous Watermelon Feast

Building Hanger


Harold & Mary Key photos

Order of the Condor. The highest award given to civilians by the Republic of Bolivia. The Bolivian branch got two of these. This one was given to Harold and Mary after the first 7 years.

Hallelooooiuaa! - from Ivon to Tumi

mid 1955 (in Ivon)
Back Row Delores & Bill R, Mary G, Cal H, Gloria & Dave F, Leon & Betty S, Perry P, Don VW
Front Row Mrs. H, Marian & Gil P, Mary K, Mabel VW, Harold K

Back Row Ruth Wallin, Pat B, Ada S, Alan & Iris W, Martha G, Mary G, Marian H, Betsy W, Frances M, Millie L
Next Row Jim & Ruth B, Becky & Willis O, Marian & Gil P, Bobbie & Lloyd D, Bill & Vangie J, Marge & Bill K, Harry R, Bob & Judith Ann J, Betty & Leon S
Front Row Porter & Jeanne K, Delores & Bill R, Mary & Harold K, Phyliss & Willis B, Mabel & Don VW

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